Solstizio d'Erbanno 2017
International Tattoo Show - Riccione 2017
Amazing Day 2017
Meeting of Styles 2017
Crossover Jam 2017
Yellow Jam 2017
Mythos Wall for Dolly Noire - Milano
Equinozio Wall - UrbaniteJam17
Street Food Wall
Green Japan
GardenMultivision Wall
Sardinia Tour 2016
Hot Blue Dog
Wall @Amazing Day '16 - Milano
Lake of Giants '16 - Graffiti Jam
Meeting of Styles '16 - Milano
"Jolly Rogers" Wall
Wall @ Lucca Comics And Games 2015
Toxic of Paints 2015 / with Bao Ho & Raba
"Japanese's Sool Wall" (for Dolly Noire)
Amazing Day 2015 - MI
Live Paint for Warsteiner - Milano
Painting @Street Food On The Road Expo
Tunnel of Sool - Galleria di Base del Ceneri - Lugano
Montecchio's Wall
Amazing Day '14
Il muro di Beatrice
Falcone e Borsellino
On The Road Fest 2013
Dog - On the Road Fest 2014
The Shark and the pirate
Da 2 Giants (part 2)
Da 2 Giants ( part.1)
Breno Murals (The Hazzard)
Sool Explosion Murals
Tower of Montecchio
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