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Art of Sool is a crew founded in 2010 created by 3 artists of class '88 / 89: Marco Cominini (Mark), Claudio Cretti (IlClod) and Nicola Fedriga (Nickneim) everyone was born in Italy, in Valcamonica (BS), a small valley between mountains, about 2 hours from Milan. Since they were children, they had a passion for drawing.
The original work of Art of Sool is characterized by "3 hands" drawings, that  is that each artist of the crew takes part in the work, and branches out into many artistic fields and on different supports: Illustration, painting (acrylics, oil, mixed techniques on paper, canvas, wood, spray) graffiti, street art, writing, comics, hand drawing, caricatures, portraits, multimedia graphics, study and creation of logos, storyboard art, art direction, custom art, video.
During these 9 years of life the artists of A.O.S. have worked with well-known brands such as Pampers, Algida, Yamaha, Sony as storyboard artists and art directors for commercials, thanks to the frequent collaboration with director Director Kobayashi, with whom they also worked on an Italian movie "Solo per il weekend" released in 2015 for Sky Cinema in Italy. In the movie you can see the Art of Sool t-shirts wearing by the characters, Art of Sool paintings hung in the main character’s house and the three artists as extras.
Meanwhile, Art of Sool has collaborated with Vans, for a customization of Vans Slip-On during events in the AwLab stores in Milan, Turin, Salerno, in 2014 and the creation of a t-shirt graphic. With the limited edition shoes created during the events, they reached the publication in the famous fashion magazine “Vogue”.
With Dolly Noire, (Milan's streetwear brand) for which Art of Sool has created graphics for t-shirts, caps and other garments in many collections, from 2015 to now. The last project with DollyNoire is for the Madiba2019 collection.
For each collection of DollyNoire Art of Sool has created a collection of themed walls in the famous street called “Via Pontano” in Milan, along with writers worldwide well known such as King Raptuz TDK, Bonzai, Erase, Macs, Cheone. During these events they became part of the TDK crew in Milan.
In 2019 they also paint a Redbull City Crasher van for DollyNoire and Redbull in Milan.
From 2017 they collaborate with Clipper, the famous Spanish brand of lighters and tobacco products.
With Clipper various collections designed by the 3 come out: graphics for lighters, maps, tobacco holders, t-shirts, t-shirts, backpacks and beach towels. In 2017 they take part in the Home Festival in Treviso, painting live and directly on the lighters.
In 2018 they made a collector's glass with Warsteiner Italia becoming the Italian Warsteiner artists for that year.
Also in 2018, they collaborated with Franco Cosimo Panini Editore on the creation of the COMIX calendar cover, and following this collaboration, the 3 directly participate in the presentation of the agenda at the Giffoni Film Festival 2018 and at the International Book Fair in Turin in the same year
In 2019 they paint a panel during an event organized by Adidas in Milan.
They Participate at the LooperFest (LoopColors is a famous spray brand), still in Milan under request of the famous TDK crew writer, called King Raptuz. They painted with many famous artist such as: AbysOzmos, Scaf Oner, Arsek Erase, Bonzai, Luca Barcellona, Mr.Wany, Willow , and with the rapper NoyzNarcos.
Other brands with which Art of Sool has worked in these years are D&G, Tonki, Armada Art, MinoiaBoard & Co., Trasando, Superga, Nickelodeon, Nolan.
Art of Sool participates every year actively to Graffiti Events like:

Meeting of Styles (2016, 2017) - Milano
Amazing Day di Mr.Wany (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018)
Toxic of Paint (2015) - Milano
Urbanite Jam (2017) - Treviso
Crossover Jam (2017) - Milano
Nervi a Pezzi (2017) - Milano
PescheFresche Jam (2017) - Lecce
Yellow Jam (2017/2018/2019) - Brescia
BlendFestival (2018/2019) - Frankfurt Am Main (Germany)
UrbanGiants (2018/2019) - Milano
Shake Well Festival (2018) - Bordeaux (France)
LooperFest (2019) - Milano     e molte altre...

Moreover Art of Sool collaborates with some galleries like WhiteLight Art Gallery and Key Gallery of Milan, Melograno Art Gallery of Livorno with which it participates in Italian and foreign expositions as: Affordable Art Fair (2013/2014/2015 / 2016,2017), Carousel du Louvre - Paris (2016), Brerart 2015, Amazing Art Exhibition Milan 2015, a solo show at Key Gallery Milan in 2018, a solo show in Bologna in 2016 at Spazio San Giorgio.
Art of Sool have been chosen as artists for the Rome magazine "Dunp Magazine", making 6 covers released between 2017 and 2018.
They also made a t-shirt graphic for Dottor Vendetta, a famous youtuber.
Art of Sool has also participated since 2010, at the Bienno Exhibition with exhibitions and live painting.
Now, They are working on creating an e-commerce site to promote street-wear products.
They are constantly in contact with artists all over the world for personal and individual not-publicized collaborations (stickers, illustrations, projects, record covers, graphic musical groups)
All the informations described here and more content, can be found on the website or on the Artofsool main social media profiles: facebook, instagram, bechance.

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